General Information       
SHOW HALL:     The Arcadia Masonic Lodge is located at 50 W Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA If traveling East or West on the 210 freeway exit Santa Anita.

Turn left (going West) or turn right (going East).
Go to Duarte – turn right.

SHOW HOTEL:     If needed – contact the Oak Tree Inn
788 Huntington Dr., Monrovia  (888)306-0628, 626-358-8981 call for rates. We are abiding by the TICA Hotel rules. Please be careful to keep rooms neat.  Sweep up litter from floor, bag used litter, etc.  Please confine whole males to the bathroom.  Alternate hotel is: Extended Stay America.

SHOW HOURS:     Check in is 8:00 – 9:00am.  Judging will begin PROMPTLY at 9:00 am. Any cat not present by the start of judging will be marked absent until they arrive.  Advertised show hours for the public are 10am to 4pm.  All cats must be present during the advertised show hours unless granted special permission to leave by the Club. Sunday Judging starts at 9am
ALCOHOL:     NO alcoholic  beverages in or around the show hall.  PLEASE respect this ruling.
AWARDS:     Top 10 format descending to Top 5, according to TICA Rules.  Dependent on number of cats competing.  This show will be scored for Regional and International Awards.

BENCHING:     Every effort will be made to comply with benching requests; however, the Club can't make any guarantees.

CAGES: LARGE SINGLE CAGES!!   21" deep, 27" tall, 36" wide (one door,no divider);cages MUST be covered
n all three sides as well as the top and bottom.   Please note on the Summary Sheet if you will be bringing your own cage(s)  Keep in mind that it must fit into the space indicated above.  Absolutely NO exceptions!  If your single entry cage is wider than 36" you will be charged for "oversized cage".

CAT SUPPLIES:     Litter will be provided.  Bring your own litter trays and food.

CLERKS:    If you would like to Clerk please indicate on Summary Sheet.  Clerks will be paid $35/day plus lunch.  DO NOT deduct clerking fees from your entry fees.  Make sure you have someone reliable to run your cat to the rings for you.  The Club reserves the right to make the final decision on all clerking assignments for the show. 

STEWARDS:  will be paid $20 for the day plus lunch.

CLOSING DATES:     ALL CLOSING DATES GIVEN ARE FINAL - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! All fees MUST accompany entries and all entries MUST be paid in advance.  NO entry fees will be accepted at the door [unless paid in cash or cashier’s check].  Fees must accompany entries to qualify for all rates.

COURTESIES:     All Exhibitors are respectfully requested to observe the common courtesies of being a guest at the show, and to keep their immediate areas clean and the aisle ways as clear as possible so that everyone can go to and from the rings in a timely manner.  Be a good sports at all times while in the show hall and applaud your competitors in the show ring.  Have a great show and good luck to all.

EXHIBITION/FOR SALE/GROOM SPACES:     (available only to Exhibitors w/competing entries)
Exhibition and For Sales must be given numbers so you must fill our an Entry form for each one wheter named or not.  Be prepared to show proof of age on kittens as the MUST be 3 calendar months old to be in the show hall.  The Club reserves the right to cancel any of the above to make room for competing entries.  All of the above is on a first come first serve basis.  NO vending from groom spaces.

HEALTH:     This is a non-vetted show.  All cats in the show hall MUST be in good health, free from dirt, fungus, fleas or other parasites and current on vaccinations.  Exhibitors of cats suspected to be ill or pregnant (as determined by the Show Manager) will be asked to leave the show hall with all their entries with NO refunds being made.  Cats should be clean and claws must be clipped on all four feet.

LIABILITY:     All participants of this show agree to hold Kat Knappers CC, SoCal ExoTICA, TICA, The Arcadia Masonic Lodge harmless from injury, loss, or damage to cats, exhibitors, or property of exhibitors or vendors, or other such persons in attendance.

MISCELLANEOUS:     ABSOLUTELY no kittens/cats may be confined to carriers, either displayed or under bench during show hours.  All cats in the show hall MUST be in the catalog.  If you are found to have a kitten/cats that is not in the catalog you'll be asked to remove it.  All HHP Adults in competition MUST be spayed/neutered per TICA Show Rules.  For the safety of our Exhibitors, their cats, and Spectators NO kittens/cats may be allowed "on leash" in or around the show hall at any time (this includes Vending areas).  Per TICA Show Rules - Article 10 Responsibilities of Exhibitors (210.3) Exhibitors shall not sit in the ring holding their cats prior to or during judging except with the explicit permission of the Judge (210.9) When transporting a cat through the show hall, an exhibitor shall carry the cat in one or both hands or in a carrier.  PLEASE no cats wrapped around necks or sitting on shoulders etc!  These rules will be STRICTLY enforced!  TICA Show Rules will apply at all times.

PARKING:     Make sure that your car is locked up and nothing is left out to tempt a passerby.  The Clubs, TICA, and the Arcadia Masonic Lodge is not responsible for any theft or damages that may occur while you are at the show.

PEOPLE FOOD:     Food will be available in the show hall for lunch.

REGISTRATION:     Per TICA rules, cats do not have to be registered to be shown in one show, however, unregistered cats do not earn points or titles.  All kittens in competition must be at least 4 calendar months of age to be show.  Kittens under the age of 3 calendar months are not permitted in the show hall.  Be prepared to show proof of ages if asked.

SHOW RULES:     TICA Show Rules will apply at all times during the show.  A copy is available from the TICA Executive Office - PO Box 2684 - Harlingen, TX 78551 (956-428-8046)   Fax (965-428-8047).  ALL decisions of the Club are final.  The Club, TICA shall be held harmless from damages, claims or losses of/to the Exhibitors.

SMOKING:     There is NO smoking in the show hall.  Areas will be designated for our Exhibitors who smoke.

VENDORS:    For vending information please contact Melissa Eichler (760) 412-2289 NO VENDING FROM GROOM SPACES OR CAGE TOPS!!